The Top 3 Estero, FL Questions, Answered!

Posted by Kevin E. Yankow on Friday, June 9th, 2017 at 10:53am.

Estero Beach with waves lapping at your feet

Deep in the heart of South West Florida, Estero is situated in Lee County and enjoys great links to large cities such as Cape Coral and Naples. With a population of approximately 30,799 people, the city provides all the necessities of life as well as many of life's luxuries. Ample room, accessibility to water, and top-notch golf courses are just three of the reasons people from all over Florida and North America have been flocking to this vibrant coastal community. Alas, people don't just decide to move to a city without asking a laundry list of questions. So to save you time and energy, here are three of the most common questions I get asked about life in Estero, FL and the most comprehensive answers I can provide.

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How Safe is Estero, FL?

In a nutshell, Estero, FL is an incredibly safe place to live. In fact, according to statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police agencies, Estero, FL is safer than 63% of other US cities. In 2015, there were only 357 crimes in the area and 298 of those were petty crimes relating to property. Violent crime in Estero, FL is almost non-existent and per 1,000 residents sits at only half the national median of 3.8. In order from low to high, here are the safest neighborhoods to purchase property in Estero, FL:

  • Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and Corkscrew Road
  • Town Center
  • Corkscrew Road and South Tamiami Trail
  • Stoneybrook Golf Drive and Corkscrew Road
  • South Tamiami Trail and Broadway Avenue West
  • Coconut

What to do in Estero, FL?

It's a very common question, but it is very vague. Thankfully, Estero, FL has an abundance of things to do that can provide plenty of entertainment for all of the family.

If you've looked at a map of Estero, you'd have seen a multitude of golf courses including the incredibly popular Stoneybrook Golf Course. This course, which is one of five in Estero, is one of only 200 courses in the USA to be certified as "Beginner Friendly" by the National Golf Course Owners Association. The course isn't just for adults either, with many local children participating in Stoneybrook's Junior Golf program.

When you and your family are not out hitting the links, there are plenty of restaurants, ocean exploring and museum visiting to be done. One of the most popular historic sites in Estero has to be the Koreshan Historic State Park, which was once home to a religious group known as the Koreshan Unity. The remains of the attempted utopia have now become a popular destination for residents and tourists to enjoy tours of the exotic plants, canoeing and even Geo-Caching.

What Are Estero, FL Homes Like?

Considering that Estero, FL enjoys near perfect weather, it should come as no surprise that the homes for sale are generally styled with Mediterranean flair. The homes in Estero, FL scream pride of ownership, with many of them boasting tastefully renovated living quarters, kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the most popular materials found throughout properties here include granite, hardwoods, marble and stainless steel. And it wouldn’t be Florida living without the homes featuring a swimming pool, lanai or porch, and Estero homes don't disappoint. Many of the homes are also provide a life that is free from maintenance as they are situated in HOA-based communities.

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