• Step 1: Call KEY Real Estate No need to read any further :) We take over the other steps to get it sold. 

  • Step 2: Ask for a Free Home Evaluation: When it comes to sales we know what it takes to get the job done. With all of the info available and how educated the average buyer is, the most important aspect to remember is: Buyers (demand) know how much comparable properties have sold for and when Sellers (Supply) price a property close to it's actual value it sells for top dollar within a short period of time. Supply and demand are mutually exclusive, meaning if the supply is priced to high the demand will be limited. We know how to price a property correctly to maximize the potential sale from the available demand.  Our free market analysis evaluates not only competing properties but how other similar properties sold and within what time frame. 

  • Step 3: Sell Your Home with a Professional: Our comprehensive marketing plan reaches buyers around the globe as well as within your immediate area. Along with giving your home the proper exposure to prospective buyers we also attend showings to ensure that each showing is a proactive sales effort to showcase your property. 

  • Step 4: See What's on The Market: Check out the competition. Our website is highly optimized to show the available properties that your home will be up against. We closely monitor the market to see if anything pops up that requires us to reevaluate the selling strategy.

  • Step 5: Connect to a Professional: Our agents live by a business philosophy of being ALWAYS AVAILABLE. Simply put, our competition rarely adheres to the most obvious business practice: ANSWERING THE PHONE. It's oversimplifying a strategy that we feel is important to providing outstanding customer service. We're here to answer questions, assist with arranging services for your home or moving, and of course, getting qualified buyers into your home. When you're ready to sell your home, we'll arrange everything, put the property in front of as many buyers as possible, and be here to make the process as stress-free as possible. 

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